Platform Bear
19,82 MB
Platform Bear Free is a lovely run and jump game. Go along the tracks without falling down, collect points to unlock bonus tracks, explore the trophies! In Platform Bear if you go along a track without falling down, you get 30 points. If you fallen down once you get 15, or if fallen down twice you get only 7 points. If you fall down three times, you have failed, and try again the track. Every 150 point unlocks a bonus track.

-Use touch controls to play


★ Three worlds, 93 tracks

★ 15 bonus tracks to complete

★ 15 trophies to collect

★ Traditional console buttons like left/right/jump 3 button setup, and jump-left / jump-right buttons for non multitouch devices

★ Retro platformer/side-scroller gameplay

★ Cute bear

★ Great music by Slaczky