Laughing Voices
14,87 MB
Enjoy Laughing Voices with your friends, play the sounds in interesting, or boring conversation situations or just annoy your friends. :)

Make the fun anywhere with Laughing Voices, play a sound when someone is acting funny, make situations more funny like in TV series. :)

Play over 30 laughs that are categorized by:

-TV Show: TV Show laughs make a blast to fool around with your friends, they are really good to create funny situations where bad jokes are done.

-Cartoon: Experience unusual laughs that only cartoons or few people can do, expect a lot of irregular laughs that come from different sources.

-Baby: Kids and babies will love to hear fellow sounds of their childhood, we adults like to hear baby laughs as well.

-Human: Listen to laughs of funny people.

The functionality of this app is simple, just tap on one of the buttons and a sound plays, or tap on „Random” button, to play a random sound :)

Enjoy this free app with your family and friends! :D